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September 14, 2016 | by: SPatel
Many people who are facing insurmountable debts bow to the pressure from attorneys to declare bankruptcy. It is not an ideal solution, but unfortunately, economic reality sometimes makes it the only practical choice. The good news is getting loans...
September 07, 2016 | by: SPatel
If you think banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers are the only sources of funds for your investment properties, think again. There are a lot of ways to get the money to buy investment properties without having the need ask traditional banks...
August 17, 2016 | by: SPatel
Depreciating Dollar   
August 08, 2016 | by: SPatel
Indecisive Interest Yesterday's Fed statement suggesting that "near-term risks to the economic outlook have diminished" that "job gains were strong" and "household spending has been growing strongly" indicates a Fed that's again taking steps to...
July 20, 2016 | by: SPatel
Difference Hard Money Lender and Private Money Lenders Now days, private money lenders have become  an excellent choice for many because they offer mortgages with fewer limitations and more generous lending terms compare to traditional lending...
License numbers: NMLS#302645, MLB#BK-0914076
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