License numbers: NMLS#302645, MLB#BK-0914076

Connie Price

Connie Price

My name is Connie Price and I’m a Sr. Loan Processor and originally from Los Gatos, CA, I entered the Mortgage Industry in 1975 as a Secretary typing contracts with a typewriter that used carbon paper. I’ve been a Loan Processor in AZ since 1992, when I moved here to care for my mother. I worked my way up the ladder by learning all phases of the Mortgage world and what is needed to take a loan from Origination to Funded and Closed. I am detail-oriented and work hard to get things done on time. I have a strong work ethic and I enjoy working with Title Companies, Underwriters, Agents and Sellers because I feel that a good working staff will help ensure all our Clients/Borrowers experience a smooth home financing transaction & Transition.


  • COORDINATES: Arizona
  • EDUCATION/TRAINING: Real Estate Business, Finance & Law
  • HIDDEN TALENT: Queen of Sheet Rock Tape & Texture
  • FAVORITE DESTINATION: would be Italy
  • GUILTY PLEASURE: Rocky Road Ice Cream
  • PASSIONATE ABOUT: My family, music and crime solving movies.
  • CHILDHOOD AMBITION: Architect and Rodeo Queen
  • RETREAT: The mountains by a lake
  • IN THE EIGHTIES/NINETIES: I loved the dance clubs and music

480-336-2828 Ext 113

License numbers: NMLS#302645, MLB#BK-0914076
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